Carol Hudson
Artist Bio
Coming from the far north coast of NSW Carol Hudson has a strong connection to beach environments. Her work has become increasingly concerned with the visceral, visual and environmental issues of her local intertidal zones. Hudson has an MFA and M.Des. from UNSWAD. She has taught art and design at UNSWADA, UTS, Billy Blue in Sydney, and MIAD and UWM in Wisconsin, USA. Hudson has exhibited in Sydney and USA over the past 15 years. Carol now lives, works and teaches ceramics and drawing in Sydney.
Artwork Statement
In these two works, Oyster Stack, 2023 and Vessel Stack, 2023, the intertidal realm and colonial history is a metaphor for human/nature relationships. These durational and precise methodologies highlight the attributes of care and sensitivity which must be centred on our cooperation with the natural world.
Hudson’s ceramics entwine colonial and contemporary life and marine organisms in a subtle yet compelling critique of perpetuating environmental exploitation. Her delicate, floating drawings evoke a sense of ephemerality or transience, reflecting the haunting loss that accompanies our rapidly changing world.
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