Jan Downes
Artist Bio
Jan Downes is an accomplished artist, holding a Bachelor of Visual Art from Sydney College of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Newcastle. With a deep passion for porcelain, Jan has been working with this medium for years, drawn to its whiteness and potential for translucency. Her delicate artworks, often small in size, exude luminosity when activated by light. Jan's artistic journey includes art consulting, art education, and a ceramics residency in Hungary, contributing to her impressive body of work showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her conceptual concerns centre around women's history and the environment, reflecting her artistic vision. Jan Downes is proudly represented by Kil.n.it Ceramic Studio in Sydney.
Artwork Statement
I created these works as part of 'The Way We Live Now' collection to explore Biohistory. They are inspired by the upland swamp near my home in the Blue Mountains, featuring rare creatures and evidence of human activity. I chose traditional ceramic plates as my medium. I captured images of children playing on a bush track, a canoe crossing a lagoon, and the flight path of an endangered Giant Dragonfly or a helicopter. Using hand-building, surface decoration, and glazing techniques, I created borders of lagoon rushes, imprints of animal teeth, and human-made embellishments that connected the plates to their environments.
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