Kelly Brown
Artist Bio
Kelly Brown, daughter of a famous record producer, grew up in the world of rock and roll. Childhood experiences build up Kelly's artistic background. She fell into ceramics by chance and was taught by established artists. Now an artist at in Glebe, Kelly loves nothing better than planning her day around creating with clay and glazing. Her artwork, inspired by her childhood memories, drifts towards the sea. Kelly creates holes in her mounds of clay, allowing organic sculptures to evolve naturally. She layers blues and greens to create exquisite glazes, impressing audiences with her divine abstractions of organic form.
Artwork Statement
I love creating each work, from planning and feeling the clay in my hands to the excitement and uncertainty of firing. I use three clays and Amaco mid-fire glazes to explore texture and colour. My pieces draw inspiration from the natural world of oceans and waterways, reflecting otherworldly organic forms that provide visual variation and habitats for other creatures. My artistic endeavour converges tactile and technical processes with the ideas and feelings of the subject matter, capturing a moment in time in an enduring object. My values of nature, simplicity, tranquillity, diversity, and beauty are reflected in my work.
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