Kristen Radge
Artist Bio
Kristen Radge is a Sydney-based sculptural ceramic and textile artist whose practice responds to her experience as a post-colonial settler on traditional lands. Her fieldwork examines agency and making process on sites historically embedded in colonial land ownership and struggle. Kristen's translation of country is through investigative materiality with found clay on-site. Her exhibitions include Corrode 2020 with two paintings acquired for St Vincent's Hospital's permanent collection and Encounter Sites Disrupted 2021, selected as a finalist in the Ravenswood Women's Art Prize. Kristen has exhibited at Gaffa Gallery Sydney, AD Space UNSW, UNSW Galleries Annual Exhibition, and Depot Gallery Sydney.
Artwork Statement
Kristen Radge's art responds to her experience as a settler on traditional lands, using disruption, encounter, and trace to situate her body in connection with history. She examines foraged clay in Guringai Country to identify a dialogue communicating a historical context of community and culture. Touch with foraged clay is essential in her practice as she examines her agency through methods that speak of experience while working on sites historically embedded in colonial land ownership, conflict and struggle. Kristen surveys a dialogue with foraged ochre clay that is crucial to remain on site, translating the essence of country through materiality.

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