Kirsty Collins
Artist Bio
Elaine Kim is a Sydney-based curator and artist of Korean background. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree, she is currently studying for a Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW. Elaine has curated exhibitions at Kudos Gallery and has been a finalist in several art prizes, including the 2021 Gosford Art Prize and the 2020 Jenny Birt Award. Her artworks have been exhibited in galleries throughout Sydney. Her practice explores hybrid cultures and challenges traditional art structures of time and space. Elaine seeks to express the moment when the boundary between obedience and hybridity breaks down through the translation of cultures.
Artwork Statement
This artwork combines the beauty of nature and artistic creativity, presenting a fresh and innovative perspective distinct from the traditional form of ceramics. The pond within the piece represents the landscapes and vitality of nature, while the water droplet effect imbues the artwork with dynamic movement and depth. The glaze imparts a unique shine and transparency to the surface, evoking the appearance of actual water droplets on a pond. Through the meticulous application of the bubble underglaze technique, I have created mesmerizing natural effects in my artwork. This ongoing experimentation with the underglaze bubble technique represents my commitment to pushing the boundaries of my craft and exploring new artistic possibilities.
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