Tika Robinson
Artist Bio
Tika Robinson is a figurative sculptor based in Bungendore, NSW, Australia. She completed a Fine Arts degree with Honours at UNSW Art and Design and now focuses on exploring the contrast between diametrically opposing ideas in her ceramic works. Her sculptures delve into the connection between humans and nature, particularly the regenerative process created by fungi. Tika looks at the everyday through the lens of the extraordinary, considering the form of the human contrasted with the natural environment. Growing up on a truffle farm sparked her interest in fungi, leading her to explore the mycelia networks that connect multiple organisms and create an essential part of the world's regeneration process.
Artwork Statement
The Worlds We Cannot See is a series of ceramic artworks exploring the relationship between life and death in nature. Fungi break down organisms to produce mushrooms, creating new life from death. The artwork highlights the regeneration process and the role of fungal networks in transferring nutrients to other organisms. Clay is used to capture these moments, and the glaze enhances the decomposition to regeneration theme. The human body is present but the fungal organisms are dominant, emphasising the relationship between humans and non-human organisms. The use of ceramics captures a singular moment in the regeneration cycle.
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