Rina Bernabei
Artist Bio
Rina is an industrial designer with 30 years of experience, who has recently applied her love of clean aesthetics to clay. Her ceramic practice includes handmade techniques and 3D printing, having worked at Kyushu University to establish their 3D ceramic lab in 2020. Rina is also a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design at the University of New South Wales, co-director of Bernabeifreeman, and an artist at Kil.n.it Experimental Ceramics Studio in Sydney. Her design work has been showcased in exhibitions worldwide, including the Milan Furniture Fair and the Milan Triennale. Rina's published work includes both written publications and ceramics.
Artwork Statement
The flower Flowers require care and nurturing, embodying a multi-sensory experience and symbolising positive interactions with nature. The relationship with flowers exemplifies embodied aesthetics through immersion in nature.

The vase Flower vases have a long history in many cultures, and often are the only remaining evidence from vanished cultures. They serve as a stage for the beauty of flowers, providing structure to the arrangements. They root the flowers in specific a time and place, representing the abundance of the natural environment and the positive emotions they bring to our lives.

The act In this concept, archetypal ceramic vases are used to anchor and present ever-changing digital floral arrangements. The vases act as a stage for the theatrical performance of nature's beauty, interacting with the flowers as an actor would.
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