When Clay Meets Code: A Digital Frontier of Ceramic Art
Prepare to be transported to a world where the ancient art of ceramics meets cutting-edge technology. CeramiXR Immersive Art Exhibition is a thrilling exploration of the intersection between nature, art, and digital innovation.
This genre-bending exhibition takes the audience on a multi-sensory journey, merging ceramics and cutting-edge technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and interactive media. 
Ceramics, dating back thousands of years, is one of human civilisation's earliest and most enduring technologies. Merging the elements of 'earth', 'water', 'fire', and 'wind' with the skilled touch of human hands, ceramic art represents a cultural heritage that embodies our past and present. It is a powerful reminder that technology and innovation can be harnessed to deepen our appreciation of nature and inspire us to strive for a more harmonious relationship with the world around us. 
In the spirit of celebrating people, nature and technology, this exhibition brings together outstanding ceramic and digital artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, offering a glimpse into the future of ceramic art. Join us on the journey into the digital frontier of ceramics, and we hope you will have fun and leave feeling inspired and enriched by the power of art and technology.
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Opening Night:  23 June, 6 – 9 PM
When: 23 June FRI - 8 July 2023 SAT
Where: Comber Street Studios (5 Comber St, Paddington, Sydney)

Curator Elaine Kim
Creative Director Shiya Lu                      
Tech Lead Yiding Li
Ceramic Artists Rina Bernabei, Kelly Brown, Kirsty Collins, Jan Downes, Georgia Harvey, Carol Hudson, Elaine Kim, Shiya Lu, Kristen Radge, Adrienne Richards, Kate Robinson, Tika Robinson, Joseph Turrin
Technologists Matt Cabanag, Bo-Han Chen, Danae Kyriakaki, Beining Liao, Frank Liu, Yiming Tao, Wei Wang, Simone Wang
Special Thanks 
Dr Teresa Crea, Sunah Lee, Mia Liu, Dr Peter Nadin, Jason Pelham, Dr Andrew Yip, Weng Yu
Kil.n.it – Experimental Ceramics Studio
UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture
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