Joseph Turrin
Artist Bio
Joseph Turrin is a Sydney-based artist who primarily works with clay. He won the Royal Doulton & UNSW Art & Design Award in 2016. Growing up in the small rural town of Dungog, Joseph became interested in art and design at a young age through his parents' work, who owned the local antiques and homewares business. Surrounded by beautiful art pieces and creative parents rubbed off.
Joseph came to the medium of clay while studying at the College of Fine Arts. Clay provides endless possibilities to explore texture and form, and this is what Turrin loves to highlight in his practice. Most of his artwork is an exploration of the material process, with each repetitive mark highlighting the use of the hand in the making of ceramics.
Artwork Statement
Joseph Turrin's ceramic practice is inspired by nature, and he experiments with form, colour, and texture. From functional tableware to unique vessels and sculptures, Turrin's approach is playful, with coil-building as the primary technique. The shapes he explores are traditional, informed by his love of ceramics history and found objects. Vibrant colours and intricate details highlight the markers of finger marks. Each piece is a site for experimentation of texture, colour, and functionality, and Turrin often uses discarded everyday objects to shape them. ‘Ceramics is meant to be touched’ Turrin says, so this tactility and obvious use of the hand is evident in all his works.
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